The first letter.

This is the first letter in a long lasting exchange between old friends, who try to stay in touch despite going separate ways in their lives.

The first letter.

Dear Allan,

it’s been a long time since we last spoke! Ahh we miss you so much; all of your deep insights, dad jokes and the long discussions at Puck’s on all kinds of topics.

You moving away was a big step for your life and your career, we understand that, but we need to stay in contact nonetheless! It would be a waste to let this friendship degenerate just because of a bit of distance. Nils and I therefore decided to write you letters on a regular basis to keep you posted about all the cool stuff we’ve discovered and learned.

Let it be short summaries of our random midnight philosophy sessions, deeply personal insights, life lessons or the usual techy talk. Next to keeping you posted, we hope that this will help us process all the interesting information we ingest everyday. Haha sorry to be you but this is our outlet now and you've got to deal with it 😂

And honestly Allan, who knows, maybe someday someone else will read our conversations and gain something meaningful out of it. Maybe our own kids, friends, colleagues or just a random Joe on the internet! Maybe they will laugh at our naivety and stupidity, or maybe they will learn something. I always feel like that people who are writing are able to leave a piece of their consciousness for the future to reconsider. That might be a romantic thought of mine, but it's nice to feel like you're leaving some kind of imprint on this world!

Nils and I know that you’re pretty busy these days. Anyways we would be so happy if you’d write back on occasion. Following your path through life has been exciting and we don’t wanna miss out. Let’s see how this works out for us 🙌🏼

You’ll be hearing more from us soon! Love and hugs from Munich,

Vali & Nils